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summ3r l0viin <33 [entries|friends|calendar]
happ3nd so0 fa$t..!x3

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n3w us3rnam3 [18 Apr 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | busy ]

h3y i g0t a n3w us3rnam3 iit'z so0_manii_t3arz , ill3 m0stly be p0stiing th3r3 but i wiill stiil try to update here onc3 in a while. that j0urnal iis q0nna b3 fri3ndz onlii so0 just comm3nt th3r3 n i will add yew <333
l0v3 y3w l0t'z


[18 Apr 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Thirteen Is Love

Made By: sweetchick200

i luv diiiz m0vii3 iit's so0o fucciinq r3al..!x3
iif yo0 hav3n't se3n r3nt iit riit3 fuccinq n0w<33

als0 thiis iis q0nna b3 frii3ndz onlii n0w
so0 c0mm3nt n i will add yo0 l0ve y3w l0tz
<333 x0x0x0

[17 Apr 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | cold ]

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m3l0nisi0uz [15 Apr 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

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4 can`t wait until summer

[08 Apr 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

LiveJournal Username
Favorite number?
Hair color?
Choice of side item?
Never showerss3cr3ts_li3
Only eats beans on Thursdaysswe3t_x_h3art
Once made love to their toaster...and then the blender.tiink3r_b3ll
Has hoes in different area codes_sexxi_italian_
Hated Barry Whitexconcreterose18
Picks their boogers...and EATS them!s3cr3ts_li3
Hates you.x0xoxo
Likes to take pictures of themselves naked.x_pinkr0se
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3 can`t wait until summer

[08 Apr 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
How old are you?
Do you own ruby slippers?
Wicked Witch of the Westswe3t_x_h3art
Cowardly Lionswe3t_x_h3art
Tin Woodsman_sexxi_italian_
Wicked Witch of the Eastxoperfect10ox
The Wizard of Oztiink3r_b3ll
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[08 Apr 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

LiveJournal Username
house party or club??
are you wearing underwear??
You hook up with them in a vacant bedroom:x_pinkr0se
Gets totally wasted and dives into the pool with their clothes on: xconcreterose18
Goes around and flashes everybody:
Gets drunk, pukes, and passes out. In turn, they get drawn on: s3cr3ts_li3
Ends up playing Twister by themselves because no one will join them: xboricua_mami
Calls the cops: _sexxi_italian_
Beats up the person that called the cops: xoperfect10ox
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[07 Apr 2005|09:56pm]
[ mood | calm ]

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Colour
Your Age
Your Spouse Isxoperfect10ox
Your Mother Isx_pinkr0se
Your Father Isonlyakiiss4u
Your Sister Isxbigpimpin44x
Your Brother Isxbigpimpin44x
Your Grandma Iss3cr3ts_li3
Your Grandpa Isx0xoxo
The Family Petxboricua_mami
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Woooh [03 Apr 2005|02:49pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I havent wriiten in a while so ille write wat happened til friday..
freiday went to sko0l nuttin relly happened boring as ussaul , went home cleaned mii ro0m took shower went to samz with christina ahh..! had so0 much fun..! we watched movies all nite and ate lol then christian had to g oat 11 =[ i went home at lik3 3 =] g0o0o0od times girlzz! bcd 4 eva

today nuttin chilled listing to mii new greenday cd internatinaol superhits oh yeah its hawwtt lol but n e ways i was lookin for a layout liek all day and i finnaly found one thanks to _____cinderella x at whoa free layouts =] but now at 4 i gotta g oto mii aunt and uclcels house for mii aunt and her brothers birthday twins lol.

ohh yeah i forgot mii cuzin gto marreid ahh im so0 happy for him and da girl he marreid is relli nice mii hole family likes hre which takes a lot go0d luck guys w/ da marrrige and da baby luv ya !

5 can`t wait until summer

[26 Mar 2005|05:54pm]
[ mood | cold ]

My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marryxoperfect10ox
flower girlx_pinkr0se
best mans3cr3ts_li3
you will have your last fling withswe3t_x_h3art
secretly wants to marry you themselfx_lovewachugot
date of the weddingDecember 2, 2046
number of times you do it on your wedding night20
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4 can`t wait until summer

BcD!!!!! [26 Mar 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Ahh! new layout umm idont rember the user but i got it from omfg_ljstuff but ne ways yesterdaii i went to da mall wiht ma best girrlies eva! sam and x tina we had so0 much fun! i went into hollister and i dident get kicked out! ha kayla but we went itno epic and i saw kayla! she was with um i dun rember lol oh ithink mish was there. en we were in against all odds christinas newluv charles came and he is rell ugly so of course i had to say sumthing but sam stoped me =[ but wen christina left and he was still following us i said someting reely loud i dunno if he herd me or not but wadeva. i dun no wat woulda happened if sam wasent there with me everytime i wanted to d osumthing she liek shut me up lol luv ya grl! then i went home and chilled OMG tehn i was getting ready to go to sleep and guess wat comes on freddy kruger ekk! so i had to watch but it was relly scary but a go0d m0vie! i called sam up and liek told her i was reely scared. =\ but im tired soo i riite l8r peace laddies and gent playaz and pimps! ahh i just herd that sum where had to put it in ha!

1 can`t wait until summer

Qout3zz [24 Mar 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | rejected ]

If i c0ulD TeL Yo0 0n3 tHiiNg i ThiiNk iiT w0UlD
b3 Th@ I l0v3 h3aRiinG y0ur v0iic3.. ANd y0ur
sMiiL3 jUsT hApeNs t0 bRiiGhT3N Mii EnTiiR3

"i want a bOy who will cOme up behind
me and - wrap his arms arOund my
waist just tO catch me 0ff guard and
whisper in my ear |[ ii lOve you ]|"

EvErii TyMe sHe LaFfz ShE hOpEz He Iz WaTcHiIn...
NoT sO hE wIlL sEe ShE iZ hApPy, BuT sO mAyBeE
jUs MaYbEe hE wIlL FaLl 4 hEr SmiiLe AS hARd As
ShE FelL 4 HiS <3!

If He OnLy KnEw
how much i cared
how much i stared
how long i hav waited
how his smile never faded
if only he knew maybe he would
<3 me 2

»i SaY wHaT i WaNnA sAy«
[+]i Do WhAt I wAnNa Do[+]
»AnD iF yOu GoT a PrObLeM«
[+]tHeN i GoT tWo WoRdS[+]

.:*:.¹FUK ²YOU.:*:."

dont reqret your mistakez ... becuz in da end
[ they * a l w a y z* teach ya somethin]

i SaY wHuTz oN My MiNd i dOnT
CaRe iF iT oFfEnDz yOu aNd tRuSt
Me iF i DoNt LiKe yOu GurL
i wOnT pReTeNd tOo*

eVeRyTiMe i'M nOt WiD yOu i
FeeL LiKe a PaRt oF Me iS MiSsiN
tHeN i ReMeMba Ooh YaH yOu
GoT My hEaRt <333

sO iTs NoT qOiNq tO bE eAsY, iTs qOiNq tO bE
rEaLLy hArD aNd wE'rE qOiNq tO hAvE tO wOrK
aT tHiS eVeRyDaY bUt i WaNt tO dO tHaT bEcAuS
i WaNt yOu .. i WaNt aLL oF yOu fOrEvEr eVeRy dAy

PeOpLe WoNdEr WhY i CrYy *'
aCtiN aS iF tHeY cArE bUt tHe
OnLy pErSoN i WiSh cArEdDd
DoEsNt eVeN kNoW iM tHeRe

hes got ma heart skippin beats *- '
n makin ma act all crazii it seems -
ill do anytin just for him to say im
HiS BaBii </3 stop lovin you it -* just cant be done'* cuz wen it comes - to who i love ur da OnLy OnEe <3 ille do more l8rr x0x0x0 dezi_rayy

4 can`t wait until summer

ugg! [24 Mar 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i think thre is sumthing rong wiht mee l8tly wenevr i lo0k in da miiror i jsut get reelly pissed and i jsut c everythin i wana change an stuff liek dat liek everyday i find sumthin else ron with mee and liek i dunno im just reely confuzzed about it all and like ther are only liek 3 peopel ican talk to n like i dunno well im go0nan go kk bye </3 x0x0x0x dezzi_rayy

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Snowdayy BytchEz [24 Mar 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | numb ]

AHHHHHHHHH!!! snowday bitxhezz hellz yeah ... but im so0o0 bored liek nad to do ! so bumed but i havent updated in awhile cause i havent been on line a lot l8tly =[ i found mii long lost sister sam and xt inan lol luhhv yo0 girllz. so0o0 nutin relly happened over da tiem idient rite, um mhuge fight between a bunch a girrlz nona mii buissnes so aint sayin n e thing. but i miight sleep over x tinaz tommrow ahh! lol well im tired so0 im gonan go0 ilel riite l8r maybe idk


[20 Mar 2005|06:43pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

heyy ima tell yo0 bout mii weekend since i dient riite bout it
friday: nuutin relly sko0l was okay we had gym <33 we played that basketball tournament mii team sucked as ussaul lmao !
OMG so0o0 much happend at lunch jimmy totaly went off at sam cunha and she just sat there n to0k whitch liek NEVER happens lie kthe girl does NOT shut up. but ihav no0 problom wiht her but jimmy was just screamin and just cursing her out !. and caitlyn sat all bii her self becuase *her* left her to0 go0 wiht the popular poepl hoo dun liek her ah! hahaha.
and of course 7th period *it* got xpelled. yay!

then i got home and i went to alexas lol we had so0 much fun! at first we stayed inside and just talked and went online and stuff then we went out side on da tramp. and there was ice on it and we kept sliipein lol then we played softball and just chiiled! mwh girl

saturday: nada reely borin just chilld all day and listened to music<33

sunday- totaly rearanged mii ro0m and cleaned it i was online all day downloading songs and listing to sum 41 all daii.

that was pretty much it im tired so0o im gun go0 no0w


[20 Mar 2005|02:52pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

xb0z04evax [2:35 PM]: i heard a new paris hilton movie is comming out...kike house of wak
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:35 PM]: its a tv seriuos lmao0
xb0z04evax [2:36 PM]: oo
xb0z04evax [2:36 PM]: haha
xb0z04evax [2:36 PM]: i so new that i was testing you
xb0z04evax [2:36 PM]: i luv paris hilton
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:36 PM]: lo0l i like luvv paris hilto so0 i no a lot
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:36 PM]: o0 lol
xb0z04evax [2:36 PM]: GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!
xb0z04evax [2:36 PM]: lol
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:36 PM]: omg i was typing that wen u imedme so u get otu of my brain
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:37 PM]: lol
xb0z04evax [2:37 PM]: omg lol
xb0z04evax [2:37 PM]: ahh im gunna call u sis from now on
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:37 PM]: kkk
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:37 PM]: ok so0oo00o0 i like luvv da simple liife ahh!
xb0z04evax [2:37 PM]: omg yeahhh!!!
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:38 PM]: there so0 stupid
xb0z04evax [2:38 PM]: me nd kelly....we like watch it relgiously...nd shes nikki nd im paris
xb0z04evax [2:38 PM]: cuz we r soo dumb
xb0z04evax [2:38 PM]: ahhh again u did it!
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:38 PM]: yeaahh..
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:38 PM]: lo0l
xb0z04evax [2:38 PM]: r u staying after for the science tomrrow
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:39 PM]: no0 i got 102 =]
xb0z04evax [2:39 PM]: u booger lol
xb0z04evax [2:39 PM]: i got a 90
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:39 PM]: l00l
xb0z04evax [2:39 PM]: is it worth it u think
xb0z04evax [2:39 PM]: i actaully got a 88..but won jepordy..so 90
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:39 PM]: no0 stay with the 90 this one is go0nna be reelllyy rellly rreeelly hard i wouldent risk it
xb0z04evax [2:39 PM]: true true
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:39 PM]: me 2 100 = 2
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:40 PM]: +2*
xb0z04evax [2:40 PM]: lol
xb0z04evax [2:40 PM]: sis!
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:40 PM]: h/o mo0re or3o0z
xb0z04evax [2:40 PM]: huh?
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:41 PM]: bacc i went to0 gett mo0re opre0z
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: lol
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: i made pancakes this morning
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: im still eating thoes lol
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:41 PM]: omg i mmade waffles
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: haha
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:41 PM]: lmao0]
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: this is creepy
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: lol
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:41 PM]: sis
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: sis
xb0z04evax [2:41 PM]: i kno
xb0z04evax [2:42 PM]: sissy!!
xb0z04evax [2:42 PM]: ur my sissy!
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:42 PM]: haha
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:42 PM]: bsfe
xb0z04evax [2:42 PM]: nd we have the same middle name
xb0z04evax [2:42 PM]: wait wuts that lol
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:42 PM]: yea and last name b c
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:42 PM]: and c d
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:43 PM]: ho0w freaky is dat
xb0z04evax [2:43 PM]: ooo weird lol
xb0z04evax [2:43 PM]: yeaaaaaa!!
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:43 PM]: bccd
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:43 PM]: lo0l
xb0z04evax [2:43 PM]: B double C d
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:43 PM]: yrah!
xb0z04evax [2:44 PM]: haha i luv it
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:44 PM]: yupp
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:45 PM]: iff yo0 driink milk r yo0 drinkking co0w peee?????????
xb0z04evax [2:46 PM]: idk i think thats a pairs/nikki question
xb0z04evax [2:46 PM]: i think its like their stomach digestion
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:46 PM]: like da juice i nderre stomace?
xb0z04evax [2:46 PM]: maybe
xb0z04evax [2:46 PM]: do cows have like penises?
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:46 PM]: if it is a boiiii i dun think they all hav em
xb0z04evax [2:47 PM]: yea...
xb0z04evax [2:47 PM]: if the boys have them, then it cnt be their pee rite?
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:48 PM]: well they have those things on the botton dat milk co0mes out of that culd be dere dick thingy
xb0z04evax [2:48 PM]: well then if thats there dick, woulndt milk be yello?
xb0z04evax [2:48 PM]: wait no i tihnk it is their pee...
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:48 PM]: maybe they die it
xb0z04evax [2:49 PM]: cuz when farmers dnt milk the cow there r like woah bessy sry i didnt empty u sooner
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:49 PM]: yeahh.....
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:49 PM]: i think it iss
xb0z04evax [2:50 PM]: eww
xb0z04evax [2:50 PM]: boycot milk
Sk8boardinbabe47 [2:50 PM]: YEAH!

HAHA! LMAO0 were such ditz

4 can`t wait until summer

O yeAH [19 Mar 2005|06:40pm]
[ mood | so0o0 happii haha ]

o yeah i forgot to say that *IT* is go0ne 4 eva !!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha i ho0p3 da bytch rots in he3ll hahahaha big fite between it nd chealse
BEAUTIFUL* lol but i feel liek signing s0 im go00na ha
im so0o0o0 happy she is go0ne 2 face ho3
*comment pleaz*

2 can`t wait until summer

[19 Mar 2005|02:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

todaiii i got waked up bii my mom at liek 1 o clco sayin w gotta take my grama to da hopital and im like WATTTT????????? i go0t so0 scared. buti turned otu to be nothing =] thanmk go0d. then i wenthome and went bakk to sleep then i had to get up again to go pick her up then i went home and went ot slepp and woke up at lie k10 then i eat went online and redid my profyle looked for layouts for alexa and christina but i gave up. then i was talkin to peopel and now im relly bored and hav nada to do and i wanan go to he movies reel badd =] so call me if ya wanna go0 =]

3 can`t wait until summer

[17 Mar 2005|08:22pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

*single or taken- sinqle:\
*sex- qurlii..
*birthday-Augest 7
*hair color- brownn
*eye color- darkk brownn
*height- 4'11
*are you straight/bisexual/gay?: straight

• • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • •! <3
*where is your favourite place to shop for clothes:epic,pac sun,against all odds
*favorite designer?:bam,southpole,etnie,hurly,indepentant,rocawear
*what is your sexiest outfit?:jean capriz and a black strecy shirt w/ white top inderneath
*what is your most comfortable outfit? mii bigg epic pants and my old gym city sweatshiirt=]
*what do you usually wear?: jeans..

• • S P E C I F I C S • •!<3
*what kind of shampoo do you use?: brilliant brunette - john frieda
*what are you listening to right now:Basket Case:greenday
*who is the last person that called you?:Christina
*how many buddies are online right now?: idk 40 .. ?
*what would you change about yourself?:EveryThiinG

• • F A V O R I T E S • •! <3
*foods: italian<3
*boy name:Brando0n Mike
*girl name: NIcole, Michelle , megan
*subjects in school: qym<3
*animal: dawwq*

• • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • •! <3
*given anyone a bath?: little cousinss..
*bungee jumped?: naa but im willing to0 i guess<3
*made yourself throw up?:wen im sick
*skinny dipped?: omg cant wait til summa lol
*ever been in love?: yeahh<3
*made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: All da tiime =]
*pictured your crush naked?:Naaa
*actually seen your crush naked?: naa
*cried when someone died?: yeahh<3
*lied: of course..
*fallen for your best friend?: noo..
*rejected someone?: noo
*used someone?: mahbbee
*done something you regret?: uh huh

• • C U R R E N T • •! <3
*music:basket case-greenday
*annoyance: LiiFe
*smell:Curios- brittany spearz <33 lol
*cd in player: international superhitz:greenday<3333
*desktop picture: Bam Margera

• • L A S T | P E R S O N • •!<3
*you touched: umm what do you mean ? idkk
*hugged: alyssa
*you IMed: kayy
*you yelled at: joe
*you kissed: =)<3

• • A R E | Y O U • •! <3
*understanding: yeah
*open-minded: i think idk.
*insecure: :/
*random:of course<333
*hungry: always =]
*smart: i wish
*moody: sometimes..
*hard working: dependss
*organized: yupp iguess so0
*healthy: yeah i quess idk
*shy: noo wayyy anythign but
*difficult: naa
*attractive: FUKK NO0O0O0 well i dun think so0
*bored easily: yeahh..
*angry:i have to go for classes for that lol
*sad: mostly onlli not wen im wiht mii girlies and boyzz
*happy: eh
*trusting: yeah.<3

• • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • •
* kill? joe..
* slap? joe..
* talk to online: him<3

• • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • •! <3
*coke or pepsi: pepsi
*flowers or candy: flowers
*tall or short: taller thenn mee.. at least 5'6-5'7

• • W H O • •!<3
**makes you laugh the most: sam , mish
**makes you smile: all my friends<3
**gives you a funny feeling when you see him: him<3

• • D O | Y O U | E V E R •!<3
*sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you: yeaa..
*wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: NOOO
*wish you were younger: nooo
*cried because someone said something to you?: nahh wouldent waste mii time

• • N U M B E R • •!<3

*of times I have had my heart broken: every dayy itsz breakinq
*of hearts I have broken: probably none
*of guys I've kissed: hmmmmm...
*of girls I've kissed: haahaa
*of CD's I own: a lott

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[17 Mar 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

What do YOUR livejournal friends think of you? by broadwayrl
favourite color
is only your friend because you told them to bexoperfect10ox
fantasizes about your feetx_pinkr0se
wants you deadx0xoxo
thinks your moms HOTT STUFFx_lovewachugot
wishes they were closer to yous3cr3ts_li3
writes songs about youxbigpimpin44x
loves you very muchxboricua_mami
misses youxconcreterose18
wishes they knew you betteritalian_babe143
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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